Aside from the regular 9-5, I’ve always kept myself busy with avenues of creative output. In 2007 I started labelling these side projects under the Oh-Death moniker with the launch of a range of t-shirts. They were initially sold through my online store before being picked up by various boutique fashion stores.

I also ran a music blog under the same name from 2007-2013. As well as regular new music posts, club event listings and interviews with up and coming DJ’s I also used it as a platform for my own DJ mixtapes.

In 2011, A few likeminded artists, designers and myself decided to collaborate and produce a regular newspaper called Bastard Measure; a typographic term used in newspapers for any non-standard width for a column of text. Each issue would feature a selection of illustration, photography and mixed media all in response to a common theme. Across 3 issues we contributed mixed media pieces on the themes Reflection, Belief and The Senses.

Date: Jul 2007

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The music blog oh-death.blogspot.com ran from 2007-2013. I designed this collage piece to sit behind the main blog content.
Bastard Measure was a free newspaper featuring work of like minded artists and creatives.